Easy ACA Compliance with Stress-free Reporting!

ACA Compliance Management

Affordable Care Act has changed the way workforce management is dealt with! TeemWurk can help you manage compliance with the Health Care Reform, stay updated with crucial alterations in the law and avoid any additional compliance risks.

"TeemWurk gives you the platform where you can ensure ACA Compliance & Reporting using
Right Technology and Regulatory Expertise!"

Easy Compliance

Every employer with 50 or more full-time employees, need to offer affordable health insurance while complying by all the employer mandates and ACA provisions. Make this compliance job a cake walk with TeemWurk.

  • Meet the minimum essential coverage requirements
  • Automatic enrollment of employees (categorized on the basis of working hours)
  • Generate forms for ACA Reporting-1095/94
  • Continued tracking and monitoring for compliance
  • Using look-back method to categorize full-time & part-time employees
  • Analyzing Pay & Attendance data to identify member eligibility

Painless Reporting

As per ACA Reporting requirements, under IRS Code Sections 6055 and 6056, employers are required to report the IRS defined codes and related data in order to validate compliance with the individual and employer mandates. Have an effortless reporting process with TeemWurk!

  • Gather coverage, election and eligibility details for employees
  • Data conversion and entry in reporting forms
  • Generate, disburse and file employer and employee specific
          tax form series (1094 & 1095)

Check Eligibility

Tracking employee hours and staying compliant with the coverage requirements is a daunting task. TeemWurk helps you track employee eligibility on the basis of number of hours worked. The system is specifically built with ACA considerations and all the calculations or offerings are based on individual eligibility.

  • Track Employee Hours
  • Automated computation on the basis of individual eligibility

Manage Compliance Risks

Managing Employer Shared Responsibility and Reporting requirements can get absolutely easy with TeemWurk.

  • Adhere to ACA guidelines
  • Avoid significant penalties
  • Eliminate Error risks due to Manual data entry - Move to automated data entry!