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Roll-Out Your Payroll Cycle Quickly and Efficiently!

  • Pay your employees effortlessly with TeemWurk Payroll. Instinctively designed to automate your payroll processing allowing your employees to be paid on time.

For Employers

  •   Company Dashboard with comprehensive data on a single screen
  •   Track employee hours, vacation and sick leave accurately
  •   Real time automated notifications to administrator for an any payroll affecting changes
  •   Generate pay stubs and checks tailored to your company

For Employees

  •   Quick access through most mobile devices
  •   Pay stub information available 24/7 via the TeemWurk system
  •   Real time updates

For Brokers

  •   Salary generation within seconds
  •   Accurate tax calculations down to zip code
  •   Enables you to manage and run payroll for multiple employee locations at one time


Automated Tax Processing and Filling

TeemWurk computes your state and federal taxes automatically by zip code.

  • Stay updated and in compliance with legal mandates
  • TeemWurk electronically creates and files tax documents enabling you review forms online anytime, anywhere

Payroll For Everyone

TeemWurk Payroll is tailored to meet the needs of all business sizes – whether you’re a start-up, mid-sized, or large company.

  • Pay employees electronically through direct deposit or pay card
  • Checks available to be printed at company location

Comprehensive Reporting

Analyze your payroll accurately through comprehensive reports including payroll summary, federal tax, and deductions & contribution reports.

  • Reporting flexibility through custom reports at no extra charge
  • Custom/static reports available across multiple formats

Advanced Functionalities

Select payment option weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly. If mistakes are made at any point before paying employees, you can delete and start over.

  • Save and come back at a later date feature
  • Several checkpoints before verification of payment

All-Around Support and Security

Best in class customer support is available 24/7/365. The system is robust, built to execute in a secured environment.