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TeemWurk can handle your data capacity!

  • 3D EDI Tool by TeemWurk for Easy Data Transmission in compliance to HIPAA 5010 and new ICD coding requirements.

For Employers

  •   EDI tool will manage all employee securely
  •    Manage healthcare regulatory and compliance risks
  •   Easily handle ever-changing healthcare requirements

For Brokers

  •   Maintain secured healthcare EDI transactions
  •   Upload bulk data with accuracy and precision
  •   Expedite data transmissions
  •   Complete compliance with HIPPA 5010 and coding Standards


3D EDI Mapping

Maintain class, division, and location fields in EDI feeds with complete ease! TeemWurk 3D EDI Tool can seamlessly validate and filter multiple fields i.e. classes, locations and divisions to designated EDI recipients through one time set-up without any manual intervention. You can add, update or remove data fields at any time.

Intuitive Reporting

Creating reports has never been so easy! TeemWurk offers a wide range of reporting detail across multiple formats. Precise reporting helps you receive real-time status of all file transmissions.

Automated FTP Scheduling and Notifications

No need to use a third party FTP server!

  • Industry-specific file transmission methods supported
  • Update stakeholders as to EDI file status with minimal manual efforts
  • Configure the tool and set-up email notifications at different stages of EDI file generation and transmission

Clone Setup

Need to onboard a new client? Turn this pain into power by replicating existing mapping i.e. cloning the group and editing information where required.

  • Efficiently built new EDI schedule
  • HIPAA default standards foundation in place
  • Reduced mapping efforts

Multiple Data Import

Upload data in any readable format and our team will convert it to an application readable format and an EDI file will be generated as per your requested parameters. Able to integrate with TeemWurk EBA system or as a standalone EDI generator, TeemWurk gives you a freedom of choice!