Paid Time Off (PTO) policy has always been a dilemma for employers. To figure out how to structure the policy and how to allocate the holidays still remains a pain. For employees, it’s a great benefit as there are many healthy employees who don’t take sick leaves and want to utilize their leftover leaves for some other purpose, and PTOs give them that liberty.

But apart from the positive aspects, PTO brings a huge scope of errors since most of the employees have their own preferences over Paid time offs, and it becomes troublesome for the HR professionals to manage it faultlessly.

An all-automated HR Software can be your savior and help you effectively manage PTOs, the same way it does other HR tasks and functions.

Let’s discuss these benefits in detail:

Save Time and Errors

Your employees can request for paid time offs at any time, and can overwhelm your HR team with multiple requests. Doing this task manually opens a lot of scope for errors and can devour a lot of time. A good  system can free your Human Resource team from this tedious work by allowing them to upload all the requests at once. 

Culture Your Own Rules

With HRIS, you can create your own PTO rules such as holiday alerts, status of the pending request, and much more. This will benefit the employees as well since they don’t have to stride towards the HR department to know about their leave status again and again.

Eradicate Your Manual Process Shortcomings

Your lenient PTO approval process can create a lot of scope for mistakes whether intentionally or unintentionally. But, with a system in place, you can convert these flimsy processes into a rugged system. You can also  keep an eye on your employees’ PTO status and limits.


Though, the system has ots own benefits for HR and employers, it also empowers employees to manage their leaves and PTOs. They can check their accumulated PTO at anytime- anywhere, even on their smartphones.  This makes easier for them to plan their offs.

Also, employees don’t have to follow the traditional email path, and can directly connect the HR or their seniors for requests, approval, and much more. 

“Approve” Or “Reject”

Supervisors or managers can easily analyze the availability of the resources and decide whether to approve or deny the leave request depending upon the workload manageability and resource’s attendance record.

To End:

An automated HRIS is a must while managing your employees’ paid time offs. It can not only ease out your HR pros efforts, but will also enable employees to manage their PTOs on their own as well as getting them approved or rejected, all through an automated process without getting into hassles of taking rounds of the HR cabin. Also, it serves its purpose to the employees by giving them complete liberty to check their PTO status anytime- anywhere.

Also, it serves its purpose to the employees by giving them complete liberty to check their PTO status anytime- anywhere.