It’s the second year of the International Yoga Day on June 21st, as announced by the United Nations General Assembly and it marks as a perfect occasion to make your workforce aware of the many benefits of practicing Yoga.

Yoga is a great blend of physical and mental meditative components that make it a perfect activity for individuals of any age to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Despite of different fitness levels, yoga can be practiced by anyone and employers can ensure their employees’ health and well-being with it in order to make overall company culture more productive and active. Therefore, yoga can mark its own important place in the company’s workplace wellness program.

How Yoga Can Ensure Complete Employee Well-being?

Goes Beyond Physical Dimensions

Yoga is not only limited to physical well-being, it has many mental and psychological benefits as well that lead to happier employees and a better workplace environment overall. Your employees are generally trapped in day-to-day chaos that further increases their levels of anxiety, stress and negativity. As a result, distorted work culture with poor output and productivity takes place. Encouraging and if possible implementing yoga and mindfulness activities in your company's wellness program will help your workforce achieve mental peace, get proper sleep,  and reduced stress levels that will enhance their productivity, decision-making and thinking capabilities.

Lowers Down The Rate Of Your Employees’ Absenteeism

It is very much evident that a great health means less sickness that further means less number of sick leaves and better efficiency in the work rate. Moreover, a recent research showed that offering activities breaks to your employees during the workday increases the morale and creativity while lowering health care costs (due to less sickness). Practicing yoga can help your employees get rid of back pain problems (which is the most common reason for absenteeism), lowers blood pressure, maintains cholesterol levels, and resting heart rates.

Increases Bonding Between Employees!

Combined efforts always bear better results than individual ones. When your employees practice these Yoga sessions together, they get connected on another level. Making your employees practice yoga can help them gain deeper social support, and increased social bonds. If your workers are helping each other and organizing office socials then this will result in a friendlier and healthier work life.

A Few “Healthy” Bottom Lines:

On this occasion of International Yoga Day, you can give your employees wellness and healthy lifestyle goals by incorporating yoga into your company’s wellness program. This will have a great impact on your employees’ professional and personal lives, learning to create a balance between the two as well as have dropped stress and anxiety levels leading to more happy, engaged and productive beings.