Days are gone when individuals used to pick up one job and stayed there for the rest of their professional lives. A recent study stated that 25% of the working population makes a job switch every year!

So, how does this number affect your business?

Your recruitment teams get bags of resumes of job aspirants every day. They interview them and after going through the long routine recruitment process, they finally come up with the most deserving candidate. But, is just finding the right resource all to keep the momentum going?

In fact, recruiting an individual is the first step of employee on-boarding process. After so much of tedious process of sifting through the never ending resumes and selecting a candidate, you would never want that candidate to become a misfit or leave the organization in a comparatively shorter tenure. Thus, you need to come up with an effective on-boarding program that will set your candidate for longer success and stay in the organization.

Here’s a tell-all about the importance of employee onboarding on your retention rates and how recruiters can make the on-boarding experience an amazing one for employees:

What Makes On-Boarding so Critical?

Studies have shown that the initial days of an employee lay the foundation for his/her upcoming performance in the future. Thus, you must not let any stone unturned to provide complete support and guidance to your new hires to prepare them to give outstanding results.

So, your on-boarding efforts must be focused towards facilitating and accelerating the process to make the new hire feel more welcomed, prepared and culturally fit to do their job. Another critical aspect is that they must understand their job completely as it is observed that many employers lose billion dollars every year because their employees fail to understand their job completely.

What You Need to do to make the On-Boarding Experience an Exceptional One?

Plan Your On-Boarding Program:

Prepare a checklist of what all activities you can do to help your new employees feel comfortable right from Day one! Chalk out a plan that can be customized as per your organizational culture and employee specific roles.

Use a Personalized Approach:

The on-boarding plan that you create is uniform all throughout the organization, but there are certain aspects that can be modified for each individual. These components may include role descriptions, expected performance results, training programs and related learning outcomes. Also keep it in consideration that every new hire has different training and learning needs and thus the offerings must differ accordingly.

Get The Teams Ready:

The most difficult task for a new hire is to get strongly placed within the team and establish a great rapport with the team members. Thus, team members have a more critical responsibility of making their new team mate more comfortable and welcomed at the new place. So, they must be well-prepared to welcome their team member.

Go for a Paperless On-Boarding:

This is the newest trend! On-boarding a new hire is a comprehensive process and you may not realize how much paperwork and documentation it involves. So, now it’s time to say good bye to those paper stacks and heaps of documents! Give a paperless onboarding experience to your new employee so that he/she enjoys it and gets on-board seamlessly.

Not just that the technology makes the complete process easier and fast, but it also helps the organization improve their compliance rates. The advanced technology enables new hires to receive, complete and return documents easily over the online platform without getting into the hassles of taking multiple rounds of HR cabins.

Moreover, new employee can easily go through the company policies, employee benefits, hierarchy levels, etc. over the all-automated system and get all the required information wherever and whenever they need it.

Putting it All Together…

On-boarding has become one of the key influencing factors that decide the success of an employee within the organization. It is very important to make the overall on-boarding experience a positive and motivating one. Thus, along with the other little HR efforts, having an all-automated employee on-boarding system can help you give your new hire an amazing experience. Also, this will set stage for a more loyal, engaged and successful employee in the long run!