Carved turkey dinners, yummy pumpkin pies, candied yams, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and family gatherings- “Thanksgiving Day” is a day to celebrate with a lot of fervor and merry-making. Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to share time with family and friends to celebrate the bounty of harvest and blissful lives we live. Permitting us to dodge all our dietary restrictions, thanksgiving celebration offers us a lot of sugary treats and delicious signature dinner feast.

Apart from enjoying the dinner delights and watching football, Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and appreciation. It is a day dedicated for expressing our gratitude for the bounty we are blessed with and be grateful for all good deeds. The day will be gone soon, but the spirit of Thanksgiving can be restored whole year around!

Thanksgiving week is a great time of making employees feel valued and boost team spirit and employee engagement for the whole year. Here’s a few simple things that you can do this thanksgiving to show gratitude to your employees.

Show your Appreciation, Say Thank You

Whether it’s a new hire or a senior employee, show your appreciation for everyone and say ‘thank you’ to contribute towards the growth of your organization. You can send them personalized thank you emails, take time to have a little chat to make them understood about company’s values and how important role they play for the organization.

Have a ‘Thank You’ Wall

The best way to show appreciation to your employees is having a thank you wall. Purchase some colorful sticky notes and write a thank-you note to employees acknowledging their work. Leave a stack of notes available for employees to add their own thanks to each other. Thus, this wall will be a celebration of employees’ role in the growth of your company.

Go the Extra Mile

Receiving a gift of appreciation can be a meaningful gesture. Offer some free turkeys, team lunch and gift cards/certificates for expressing gratitude to employees. Tie your company’s values to recognition programs to increase employee engagement with what your organization stands for! 

Celebrate Work Everyday

The way we celebrate our festivals, why not we celebrate our work? Learn to celebrate the passion for our professions as we come to work every day!

Spread the same zeal among your employees to enjoy their work and follow their passions at the same time. You never know, what drastic changes it can bring to team morale and organizational productivity!

Stay Healthy, Stay Insured

The best way to express your gratitude is by protecting your employees against any uncertainty. Make sure all your employees are covered and lead healthy lives. You can adopt latest technology solution to manage your benefits administration and remain complaint with all the rules and regulations. These days, with rising healthcare issues, employees look forward for favorable benefits options and perks.

So, this Thanksgiving, making these little efforts will not only make your workforce cheerful than ever, but will increase their morale and productivity for the time ahead!

                         Have a Delightful and Fun-filled Holiday Season! May the joy persist all year round!!