The holiday season and probably everyone’s favorite time of the year is upon us again! 

As Thanksgiving holiday gives us the opportunity to get surrounded by friends and family, and express our gratitude for everything we are blessed with, there is a trickier situation this year! Elections just got over and in this time, coming together with politically divided mindsets might cause some tension over the dinner tables!

But, there are ways to skip that and concentrate on the perfect Thanksgiving feast that permits us to dodge all our dietary restrictions. The celebration offers a lot of sugary treats and even workplaces are not excused from the festive fever!

These celebrations at workplace provide great opportunity to boost team spirit and employee engagement. The day will be gone soon, but the spirit of Thanksgiving can be restored whole year around!

Showcase Attitude of Gratitude:

No matter how senior or junior a resource is, make sure you show your gratitude to them for contributing in your organizational success. Celebrate new joiners and even take some time out to interact with them and give them a glimpse of organizational goals and objectives and where they fit-in!

Make Thankfulness a Tradition:

Every employee works hard to achieve the milestones you set. Though it’s not possible to thank them all on daily basis for their efforts, but you can congratulate and celebrate their little achievements or milestones. Whenever any team achieves a target or successfully completes a project, make a tradition to thank the team in your style. No matter you give them a reward, a paid outing or just an appreciation mail, what matters is that you go a step further and APPRECIATE!!

Celebrate Work Spirit:

Apart from the dinner delights, what makes the day special is the associated concept of appreciation, gratitude, sharing, togetherness and celebrating the blissful lives we live. Just bring in that spirit to work every single day!

Stay Guarded, Stay Grateful:

The best way to show your gratitude is by guarding your employees against any uncertain event. Make sure all your employees are covered and lead healthy lives. Adopt technology solution to effectively manage their benefits and keep you compliant with all the federal rules and regulations. With the sudden hurricane likely to hit the Healthcare Reform, make sure you stay updated and in compliance with the changes. 

So, this year, leave the election tension back home and enjoy the festival with friends, family and employees. Making these little efforts will not only make your workforce cheerful than ever, but will make your Thanksgiving more joyful!

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more....

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! May the joy persist all year around!