Run Payrolls & File Taxes Effortlessly!

  • Run Payroll, File Taxes and Perform Year-end Reporting-all with TeemWurk Payroll. Integration with HRIS & EBA solutions allow automatic data sync.

For Employers

  •   Company Dashboard with comprehensive data on a single screen
  •   Track employee hours, vacation and sick leave accurately
  •   Real time automated notifications to administrator for an any payroll affecting changes
  •   Generate pay stubs and checks tailored to your company

For Employees

  •   Quick access through most mobile devices
  •   Pay stub information available 24/7 via the TeemWurk system
  •   Real time updates

For Brokers

  •   Salary generation within seconds
  •   Accurate tax calculations down to zip code
  •   Enables you to manage and run payroll for multiple employee locations at one time


Automated Payroll Processing

Decide your pay schedules and TeemWurk will automatically run your payroll cycles.

  • On-Demand Pay Schedules- Weekly, Biweekly, Twice a Month or Monthly
  • Pay By Check or Direct Deposit
  • Print Checks In-house or Request for Additional Print and Mail Service

Automated Tax Processing

Get all your state and federal taxes automatically computed. Stay updated and in compliance with the changing legal mandates.

  • Auto Pre & Post Tax Deductions - Create Custom Deductions for Custom Plans
  • Quarterly and Annual Filing and Deposits for all States
  • Year-end W-2's Filing, Printing & Mailing to Employees

Reports & Analytics

At no additional costs, get comprehensive reports including payroll summary, federal tax, and deductions & contribution reports.

  • Custom/Static Reports available across Multiple Formats
  • Custom Adhoc & On-Demand Reports
  • Generate ACA Reporting Forms-1094’s & 1095’s

Manage Paid Time-Off

Seamlessly track and capture employees’ Paid time offs (PTOs).

  • Create Vacation, Sick and Other Custom Policies
  • Review and Approve Employee PTO Hours
  • Decide if PTO Should be Accrued on Overtime, Holiday or Overtime hours

Auto-Sync HR & Payroll Data

TeemWurk Payroll is integrated with HRIS & Employee Benefits solutions.

  • Automatic Syncing of Data on any Changes in Employee Database
  • Maintain Data Consistency Across all Divisions