Next Generation
3D EDI Solution

  • Transmitting Healthcare data while Safeguarding
    and Maintaining Data Confidentiality.

For Employers

  •   EDI tool will manage all employee securely
  •    Manage healthcare regulatory and compliance risks
  •   Easily handle ever-changing healthcare requirements

For Brokers

  •   Maintain secured healthcare EDI transactions
  •   Upload bulk data with accuracy and precision
  •   Expedite data transmissions
  •   Complete compliance with HIPPA 5010 and coding Standards


Comprehensive Solution

3D EDI Tool by TeemWurk for Easy Data Transmission in compliance to HIPAA 5010 and new ICD coding requirements.

  • Fully integrated with any EBA solution through REST APIs
  • Dedicated Dashboard for Brokers / EDI managers to View, Manage EDI transactions for Groups
  • ‘At a glance’ view for Brokers and EDI managers to check file status (processed or failed)
  • Dual way integration with carriers to send EDI and acknowledge response

Manage File Transmissions

TeemWurk supports industry-specific file transmission methods and allows users to manage file transmission process in just a few clicks.

  • Dynamic platform to setup a carrier who accepts X12-834, Flatfile, CSV, XLS formats
  • Accommodate Proprietary Formats
  • Change your File types (Full File, Change File, Full file with Changes, Replace)
  • Review the EDI file before Sending to Carrier
  • ON / OFF feature to send / stop a file to Carrier

Advanced Carrier Setup

Setting up a new carrier on-board is no more a pain! TeemWurk brings you an advanced carrier set-up functionality.

  • Dynamic setup wizard to setup carriers that support X12-834, Flatfile, CSV, XLS formats
  • Configurable Mapping from EBA to EDI
  • Define Business Rules for EDI segments based on Carrier
  • Auto Scheduler to define Transmission Frequency (Daily, weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly)
  • Fully Configurable Transmission Protocol that supports FTP, SFTP, Email
  • Supports PGP Encryption and Zip Password Policy

3D EDI Mapping

Maintain class, division, and location fields in EDI feeds with complete ease!

  • Validate and Filter multiple fields i.e. classes, locations and divisions
  • Designate EDI recipients in one-time set-up
  • Add, Update or Remove data fields at any time
  • Set-Up carriers, Define Rules and Parameters, Manage Transactions and Transmit files to Carriers

Transaction Audit Report (TAR) Generation

Reporting was never this easy! Get on-demand, customized reports for all EDI transactions.

  • Generate Summary Report for all your EDI transactions with filter options like Broker / Group / Date
  • Transaction Status Reporting (Failed / Success / Pending)
  • Review Generated Reports
  • Review the File and send to respective carrier
  • Re-queue the Transaction if Failed due to Wrong Mapping

Easy Administration

Get more visibility into ongoing EDI transactions while controlling role-based access for multiple users.

  • User Configuration Section to create Brokers and EDI Manager in system and assign User Level Permissions
  • Summary Data Tab for Brokers, Groups, Carriers and Plans
  • Configurable Section to Map 1:1 EBA to EDI to Manage Micro Fields