TAHU 28th Annual Convention 2016

Meet us at Booth #404

We are attending the TAHU 28th Annual Convention to be held at Dallas, TX

Open the door to your final destination at Booth #404

The way we do business has changed a lot as compared to how it was done a few days ago. Now we have entrepreneurs at all levels. At the same time, the exceedingly complex health insurance benefits environment is making it more challenging for business owners of all sizes. Thus, it’s no surprise that the industry will be facing new challenges over the coming weeks and they will need some expert guidance and support to address these challenges.

This year, the convention is following the theme- “Continue to find new doors” and will provide you the opportunity to find your absolute solution partner to guide and help you navigate through this complex benefits environment.

TeemWurk will be attending the event in association with our partners and associates- Benefit Insurance Consultants, Inc. (BIC) and OnCore.

We all are waiting for you with some special Cinco de Mayo surprises along with a smart benefits solution.

Come see us @ Booth #404

Looking forward to an exciting event with a lot of opportunities and experiences!


Benefits environment continues to grow complex! Don’t worry…
TeemWurk is here to keep you updated and compliant with the law.