It’s National Employee Benefits Day on April 4th and as designated by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP), this is a very good chance to educate employees about their benefits, re-evaluate the benefit offerings and celebrate everyone’s hard work throughout the year. It is a day when the dedication and contribution of various corporate benefits practitioners, administrators and professional advisors towards their employee well-being is recognized and acknowledged.

Keeping employees’ financial well-being on priority and providing them with the necessary benefits and support is fast becoming a norm in today’s organizations. The IFEBP suggests following ways to keep the support running and affirm employees’ financial well-being in the workplace:

Help whenever necessary:
Observe your employees and provide necessary help whenever they’re stuck at work.

Explain properly: Arrange seminars or appoint advisors who can properly answer employees’ concerns about benefits, budgeting and retirement savings.

Clear what’s expected from them: Ensure that your employees understand what is actually expected from them so as to avoid unnecessary chaos.

Provide job fulfillment & satisfaction: Provide all the tools and time they need to fulfill their jobs in a satisfying manner.

Socialize : Share the information with everyone by including everyone in the meetings so as to make them feel valued and needed.

Don’t avoid their voice: Sometimes your employees just want you to listen to them; try not to avoid them.

Be fair to everyone: Employees, when feel respected, are more likely to be happy and satisfied. Thus, conduct your affairs fairly.

Provide a proper work-life balance: Provide a proper work environment for your employees so that they can easily separate their work life and home life.

Share the Success: Don’t just share your work load; try to share the credit as well with the worthy.

But with the arrival of millennials in the workforce, the expectations are changing and so are the employee benefit offerings.

What’s Next for Employee Benefits?

As times changes, employers have started transitioning away from a strict focus on the benefits to offering a much more strategic way of keeping employees satisfied and happy. They now understand that the word “benefit” means different for different people. Thus, they are required to re-think their overall rewards strategy and focus more on fulfilling every employee’s needs, while keeping the budget in mind.

Employee financial well-being and mental health is often an overlooked subject. Thus, this National Employee Benefits Day, gives you the perfect opportunity to learn about your employees’ financial and health issues in the workplace and work towards how you can make a difference.