TeemWurk is emerging as a popular name among the small and medium sized businesses on pretext of the services it is offering to this group.

Our Magical Benefits Bus is doing wonders as a one-stop solution for all benefits administration, Payroll, HRIS & EDI needs of businesses of all sizes. There are many workforce management solutions that are available in the market, but not many come along as an integrated suite of solutions covering all aspects from employee on-boarding, to running payrolls, to managing benefits and on top of it, ensuring that you stay compliant with all employer mandates.

Your basic workforce management needs get catered:

Automatic Payroll Processing: Perform all tasks including automatic tax processing, filling, e-payments through direct deposits or pay cards, summarized federal tax and deductions reports, payment scheduling, etc.

Benefits Administration: Advanced functionality allows all participants to manage benefits, access information on real-time basis and manage multiple benefits including medical, vision, dental, 401 (k), FSA, Life and disability.

Comprehensive HR system: Perform all employee-related tasks from employee on-boarding to retirement. Self-service functionality makes the job easier allowing employees to self manage their individual accounts.

The 3D EDI tool facilitates all your transactions ensuring that they are in compliance with HIPAA and related standards and mandates.

Along with the basic functions, what is required is a smooth implementation process. TeemWurk makes it possible with the help of the implementation assistance it offers. The EDI and implementation experts take care that all the modules are effectively implemented in alignment to the HIPAA and other guidelines. Also the support is persistent and users get aid at every step. The smooth flow of the system help users find their way and get the tasks performed without any hindrance.  Moreover, the multi-language functionality makes it more user-friendly and easy to use.

Having all of human capital management aspects covered at a single platform makes difference and reduces your administrative efforts in ensuring that all employee- related tasks are executed properly. With all your needs catered at one place, you need not to look out for additional solutions or systems to get the job done.

The Magical Benefits Bus is all set to touch you soon and offer you opportunities to grow your business with us. With reduced manual efforts and all-automated solution for handling workforce, you can successfully divest your time in more opportunistic areas that drive growth.